Most Common Equipment Used in Material Handling

Material handling is processing, preservation, movement, storage, delivery and control of goods and material. Any equipment that deals with these approaches can be marked as equipment for material handling. It is possible to break down these devices that are to do so used into four significant groups. These are followings:

  • Bulk material handling
  • Engineering System
  • Industrial Truck

Equipment for handling bulk material

The phrase ‘bulk material handling’ relates to management, packing and transportation of products either in loose or bulk form. The machinery is usually used to transfer flexible components from one part of the manufacturing plant to another. Handling bulk material for machinery or equipment may also be used in horizontal supply conveyor belts and advanced control elevators. Examples of machinery treating bulk goods are:

  • Conveyors belts: It is a belt that moves for material transportation. These can be integrated into more sophisticated networks of conveyors, thus known to be engineered systems.
  • Grain Elevators: This type of machinery is used to transfer and store grain and other related materials along a development route.
  • Silos:  It is a tower used for storing grain and certain other products including lignite, sawdust, woodchips, and packaged foods.
  • Stackers and reclaimers: It is a significant device for throwing stuff into piles or picking things back up afterwards.

Engineering system for material handling

One that is usually programmed in an integrated system. Usually, these kinds of material handling equipment are automatic systems that operate with each other to enable large products or large quantities of materials to be processed and distributed effectively across the factory floor. These include:

Automated storage and retrieval systems: AS/RS are large automatic systems that include shelving, cabinets, aisles and racks that are manageable by a mechanized shuttle device for the rapid retrieving of products.

  • Robotic Delivery system: Such automated devices are suitable for transferring merchandise onto a production line or shipping goods around a factory or warehouse.
  • Ergonomics: It is an ergonomic device used in a plant in several ways to assist staff in sorting and managing activities during Safeguarding and uplifting goods for the developmental process and spinning heavy angling loads.
  • Industrial Robots: Robots are programmed with adequate consistency and efficiency to perform risky, messy and repetitive activities.

Industrial Trucks

To transport large amounts of materials across the factory floor, industrial trucks of certain types have been used. They are often used to safely and rapidly load and unload large items into supply vehicles. These include,

  • Pallets Truck: Industrial forklifts that are manually or powered driven.
  • Pallets Jacks: These are devices that are the most common type of forklift used inside a factory to pick and transfer pallets.
  • Hand Trucks: A walk-behind pedestrian gantry crane with such a platform for lifting pallets to some heights.

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